Mending Stone is my adventure in creative living. It began thirty years ago – at least that’s when I started to notice more odd things than I could explain! Strange happenings and “coincidences” led me to question…EVERYTHING! I began to wonder about the nature of our lives, how things develop and how they resolve. I knew there are hard things, struggles, and set backs in life. And I knew sometimes hurts can be mended, but HOW? What factors contribute to change? Are we in charge of our lives? Or do things just happen to us and we are left to find a response?

That question led me on an adventure of discovery!

This website ~ Mending Stone ~ and my debut novel of the same name began as an odd winter dream I could not forget. I was captivated by two women in the dream and the storm of their emotions! They felt alive and real! And they would not let me alone! I had to write their story!

Through the years, more stories of pain and love played out in my life and on the page. My wandering, wondering spirit sought healing, and surprisingly, found it! My heart and faith have been mended!

Writing on the posts page as well as in Mending Stone, Catching Rain, Seeding Hope – books in my Possibility Series – journeys through creative living.

What does it all mean? Join me on the adventure! I don’t know what we will discover, but we can do it together!

“We are not separate nor dream alone…”

We have so much to share! But first, enjoy this short book trailer for my debut novel ~

Mending Stone is a creative love story, not a usual romance. It began with the strange winter dream of two women I could not forget! Within two years, I finished writing the first of many drafts, but it was another fifteen (YES! 15!) before the first publication! Images for the book trailer are based on the original Mending Stone cover published in 2011 by Henschel Haus Publishing.

A new “storm of emotion” cover of the book with an updated interior came out in 2013. Included at the back of this new version is an itinerary of locations and businesses mentioned in the story. Readers are encouraged to visit these either in person or online using the information provided. I hope you’ll enjoy the discoveries!

I thought I was done with the story when I finished Mending Stone! But it was not done with me! It continued on in what became the Possibility Series with Book 2, Catching Rain, out in 2014, and book 3, Seeding Hope, published in 2016.

I love the characters in these books! They are as close as family and dear friends! I wrote the story with a focus on images and descriptions – especially of landscapes in the Northwest where I’ve lived most of my life. Nature informs our lives. It is a source of healing. I hope you will find comfort in my writing and the belief of our deeper connection to each other and the world around us.

Sharon Duerst, Author - spirit

Sharon Duerst, Author

 Possibility Series Books~~

Mending Stone is a love story

Mending Stone “storm of emotion” cover ~ Possibility Series Volume 1


Catching Rain ~ Possibility Series Volume 2

Seeding Hope

Seeding Hope ~ Possibility Series Volume 3

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A recent fan comment~ “I finally got a chance to read Seeding Hope! It made me so happy, once again you did an awesome job keeping with the possibility theme!! Please continue this series! I love it and its spirituality!! Cheers to another masterpiece!! I loved it… So encouraging!!!” ~ Karen Martell


Thank you for reading and being part of my wandering, wondering adventure!