Mending Stone video book trailer highlights the dramatic and mysterious story in book 1 of the Possibility Series by Sharon Duerst, Author.

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Mending Stone, the novel, was first published in 2011. Video images of the “Mending Stone” Trailer are based on the original book cover. A new “storm of emotion” cover with an updated Mending Stone came out in 2014 to coincide with the release of Catching Rain, book 2 in the Possibility Series. The story continues on in book 3, Seeding Hope, out in 2016.

Sharon Duerst, Author

Sharon Duerst, Author

These Possibility Series books lead from heartache, betrayal, and loss to amazing outcomes and thrilling discoveries! Travel, outdoors, speculations, faith, and love are integral themes. Find more on these and other themes on the posts page.



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Mending Stone

Mending Stone “storm of emotion” cover ~ Possibility Series Volume 1


Catching Rain ~ Possibility Series Volume 2


Seeding Hope ~ Possibility Series Volume 3

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Here’s the latest fan comment on the Possibility Series:  

    “I finally got a chance to read Seeding Hope! It made me so happy, once again you did an awesome job keeping with the possibility theme!! Please continue this series I love it and its spirituality!! Cheers to another masterpiece!! I loved it… So encouraging!!!” ~ Karen Martell 

Join this Possibility Series journey! Travel through the pages of marvelous fiction! Be captivated! Happy reading and sharing to all!