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Watch this dramatic video book trailer for my debut novel, Mending Stone

Ever been waylaid or sidetracked, pulled and pushed through a series of mishaps, and then arrive at the exact place and time to experience something amazing, strange, beautiful? Ever been led through coincidences so odd they must be more than noteworthy?

These things fascinate me!

Sharon Duerst, Author

Sharon Duerst, Author

Travel with me on these journeys of story with intriguing dilemmas, heartfelt searches, and surprising discoveries.


The ideas for the Possibility Series of books began on a winter night more than twenty years ago. I awoke from a strange nightmare – like Mia in the video above! Only my nightmare was Mia throwing glass. Her distress was palpable. And, there was a following glimpse of another woman tearing cloth from open windows, throwing earthen pottery to a dirt floor. Her despair was a mirror image of the first woman’s heartache. 

They seemed to be from different countries, places I had never been! And I could not erase these images and emotions from my mind. After a year, I began writing the emerging story. I don’t know where it came from or why I dreamed it. But the women came alive to me. Over the years, I re-wrote the story, and re-clarified the themes many times until finally, I thought I had conveyed all there was to tell in the way I felt it!

 My debut novel, Mending Stone was first published in 2011. The original version was soon re-edited and a new edition followed. I thought I was done, but the women began speaking to me again!

The next book is Catching Rain,  published in 2014.

Book 3, in what has become the Possibility Series, is Seeding Hope, published in 2016.

All the books feature travel (especially in the Northwest, Texas, and Mexico) and food, faith, friendship, and family – all the best of life!


Mending Stone “storm of emotion” cover ~ Possibility Series Volume 1


Catching Rain ~ Possibility Series Volume 2


Seeding Hope ~ Possibility Series Volume 3

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Mending Stone

Catching Rain

Seeding Hope

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