Books by Sharon Duerst include the Possibility Series story which arose from a strange winter dream.

Heartache, betrayal, and loss plagued the women in the dream. And I could not forget them! I simply had to write their story! 

Who are they? What is it they suffer? What do they have in common? Troubling questions of faith, heritage, fidelity, and family arise, where will we be led?

Those are the questions driving the story.

Over the years until publication (15!) I tweaked, rewrote, and refined the story to bring their voices to the forefront, and to capture the love, romance, discovery, and hope!

The Possibility Series story continues through books: Mending Stone, Catching Rain, Seeding Hope. Set in the Pacific Northwest, intrigue and travel lead us from Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Mexico with captivating depictions of landscape and emotion. We are caught up in ongoing transformation and change, the joy of newly-formed relationships and heart-warming experiences!

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Praise for Mending Stone ~ book 1 in the Possibility Series   

“Mending Stone warmed my heart. It filled my spirit with uplifting whispers of the oft times mystical bond between mother and child, the reality of intuition, and the wisdom of listening to and following your heart.”~Sue Patton Thoele, author of The Mindful Woman, and The Courage To Be Yourself, among others

“Excellent. Fabulous. I will read it again! And I want to send a copy to several family members.”~Kathryn Olmstead, 92 years young
“The descriptive vision brings us directly into the story. I love the interplay of storylines. We’re carried with excellent detail into the dramatic story of Rosa and the pace of her hard life. A fun book to read!”~Diane Conroy
“I loved it! The story held me to the very end—and then, I cried.”~Anna Aram
“A spiritual journey pebbled with friends, family, and Native Americans, from the Pacific Northwest to Texas.”~Ginger Dehlinger, author of Brute Heart
“I finished Mending Stone in one day! I loved it! I can’t wait for the sequel to see what else happens!”~Jet McCann
“Reading late into the night, I had to know: why were the two women brought together in such a haunting way? So many questions drew me from page to page to page! The ending was satisfying and sweet—but still I want more!”~AnnaMariah Nau
“Portraits of betrayal, friendship, and loss—with a satisfying outcome of hope.”~Debbie Wiemeyer
“A gem of a read. It was well written and very descriptive. It reinforced my sense that women should rely on their instincts. I can’t wait to read more about Mia and Gerald in the next book.”~Kay DeBast
“I couldn’t put the book down!”~Kathy Bingham
“A very real account of a woman struggling with grief and self-discovery. Vivid descriptions with true-to-life experiences. The poetry added a thoughtful angle to what was happening. I enjoyed the story within a story. I put the book aside with 36 pages left to read—I didn’t want the story to end! A wonderful book! I can’t wait for the next one.” ~Simone Neall
“A captivating story—it took me to unknown places that now seem familiar.”~Karen Martell
“I enjoyed reading this story of a woman learning what it means to have loved and lost, and to travel a path to understanding, healing, and strength. My favorite scene involves her finally claiming her power. And, I loved discovering the answers to the mystery of her family.”~Maria Carlos
“Enjoyable. Thought provoking. I found myself asking, ‘What if…’”~Shari Austin
“An enthralling read! Well researched, richly descriptive in a unique writing style fitting the story. I wanted to keep reading!”~Lisa Anderson, freelance writer/reviewer
“It is REALLY good. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen! It reminds me of a Nicholas Sparks story. And everyone can relate to characters looking to find ‘sweetness’.”~Judy Bair

Praise for Catching Rain ~ book 2 in the Possibility Series

“I had my coffee and started reading, ate lunch while reading and didn’t stop until reaching the beautiful ending! I laughed…I cried…I rejoiced in how Mia changed her life! I loved this story! It reminded me how important it is to take risks in life and move toward what is wanted— even if not knowing at all where it will lead. Following intuition can be life altering! I feel the characters are friends, and I wonder what is next in their lives! I don’t want to let them go!”~Jet McCann
“I truly enjoyed it. I appreciate the characters so much.”~Karen Callin
“I loved the depth of the story, and the characters! I couldn’t put it down until I finished reading! It was so good! Nothing left out! I loved the ending!! I’m amazed at the places the story went. I want to look up the attractions at the back of the book and plan a Catching Rain Itinerary!”~Karen Martell
“I could not put this book down! So easy to read…Really flowed. Great story line…Loved reading about the different locations.”~Katrena Meyer
“A great book! The poetry is fascinating. I love the travel, and especially being able to relate to all the places in the Pacific Northwest. I also love a great love story, and I needed tissue at the end!”~Connie Van Sickle
“Catching Rain picks up where Mending Stone left off, tied up loose ends with enough tragedy and heartache, but ends beautifully—exactly where you would want it to!”~Debbie Wiemeyer
“Love the story—the mystery unfolding about who Mia is…Love the focus on intuition, and attention to dreams and images…Love the relationships…Love the locations…many of my favorite places…the Northwest…San Francisco…Mexico…What a lovely story! I loved reading this book!”~Maria Carlos
“This heartwarming follow-up to Mending Stone continues to weave the romantic story of one woman’s intuitive connections, leading her to unexpected, yet life affirming, results. Sharon Duerst has outdone herself, again.”~Janet Thomas

Praise for Seeding Hope ~ book 3 in the Possibility Series

“I so enjoyed the last two books and now this one! Once I got near the end I wanted it to keep going! I love how it ended! What are the possibilities for another book? I will be waiting!”~Gloria Bird
Seeding Hope is about finding oneself after great loss, working through grief and discovering a resilient spirit inside. It tells a lovely story of what can happen after sorrow when one is open to possibilities. For people who read Mending Stone and Catching Rain this book answers the question “What happened to Mia?” Author Sharon Duerst  once again fills her story with poetry through lush descriptions of a Mexican landscape and culture, as well as the Pacific Northwest. She brings the characters to life with well-crafted dialogue and poetic dream sequences…I love this book!” ~Maria Carlos
“Having a child changes everything. Walk with Mia and child on the path that is growth on so many levels.”~Cathy Miller
“I enjoyed reading Seeding Hope. I loved the way you referred to Mending Stone and refreshed readers on the past. I felt I was right there with Mia and her family in their joys and sorrows. The end left me wanting the next book on hand to keep reading! I love these novels!”~LaDonna Denslinger
“It made me so happy that Mia had the courage to open her life to new possibilities.”~Jet McCann
“Sharon’s third book, Seeding Hope, may be her best one yet; with her gift for storytelling intricately weaving together people and places, I found it hard to put down.”~Janet Thomas
“Following the metamorphosis of Mia has been a true roller coaster ride and Seeding Hope does not disappoint…In this third installment, we are treated to Mia’s discovery of bliss with her baby and husband settling down to life in Seattle. But, a tragic death leads Mia back to her roots and an examination of herself and what comes next. The highs and lows of everyday existence as viewed through the eyes of this woman are evocative. I loved this book and can’t wait for the further adventures.”~Simone Neall
“I keep thinking about Mia…who is flawed like all of us. Maybe she sparks in us a hope to finally find what we are looking for. Not another man, child, friend, but peace with God and ultimately ourselves. Therein lies a possibility for an ending of hope…” ~Debbie Wiemeyer
‘“…rain did more than beat the streets. It beat down her heart.’ I liked this a lot!”~Dusty Vonberg
“I finally got a chance to read Seeding Hope! It made me so happy, once again you did an awesome job keeping with the possibility theme!! Please continue this series I love it and its spirituality!! Cheers to another masterpiece!! I loved it… So encouraging!!!”~Karen Martell 


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