Sharon Duerst, Author

Sharon Duerst, Author

Sharon Duerst with Petroglyphs near Adel, Oregon

Sharon Duerst, Author, was born in Idaho and raised on the Columbia Gorge to an artistic family: her sister is a seamstress and jewelry maker, one brother is a bronze and metal sculptor, and another brother creates and maintains landscapes!

Sharon loves the Pacific Northwest and traveling to favorite spots of natural beauty with her husband met while attending Oregon State University. Sharon focused on writing and textiles there, but eventually changed majors, schools, and possible career paths. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in Health Education, Sharon worked in education and long term care while raising a family on the Oregon coast. She and her family moved to the drier and sunnier high desert of Central Oregon in 1991.

A strange winter dream she could not put away developed into a writing passion and evolved into the story published 15 years later in her debut novel: Mending Stone (2011). An updated version with “storm of emotion cover” came out the following year.

Catching Rain (2014) is book 2, and Seeding Hope (2016) is book 3 in the Possibility Series.

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