Videos and photos capture imagination! They broaden our perspectives, enchant and entertain! Check out these videos relating to my creative heritage!

  • Video book trailerMending Stone” was produced by Joseph Duerst, narrated by Maggie Annschild, for the novel, Mending Stone

I hope someday a feature length movie based on the Mending Stone and the Possibility Series will star a dark haired woman with light brown eyes as shown above. Someone like actress Vanessa Marcil!  

Want to learn more about the book? Check it out on Amazon Mending Stone – a novel

The story of Mending Stone also features White Spring Ranch Museum. Character “Maggie” does volunteer work and research there while pursuing a University of Idaho degree! It was great fun weaving real life places into my fiction! White Spring Ranch is dear to my heart: my father and grandfather were raised there! So many happy family memories live on at the “Ranch.”

Find photos and information about this lovely Victorian home and it’s history at And watch the amazing video accessed by the link below.

videos and photos capture imaginationWhite Spring Ranch homestead began as a small two-story structure. See the result of attempts to patch the old wallpaper with sections of newsprint. The home was later turned and expanded! Read about the improvements on their website.



Creative Heritage

My great grandfather was a farmer, naturalist, taxidermist, inventor, sculptor, and community leader. My grandfather was a poet/farmer; grandmother was a painter. My sister is a jewelry artist; brother is a metal and bronze sculptor, artist, painter. Our other brother is a creative landscaper. I’m a creative enthusiast; I love sewing and other crafts like faux painting! But most prominently, for the past twenty years at least, writing has been a creativity challenge! I evidently passed my creative passions to my daughter: she pursued a degree in creative non-fiction and is a wonderfully creative baker, and artist. My son is a screenwriter, videographer, lawyer!

Creativity really does live in families!